(Toronto, ON. January 31, 2017) Dalbar released the names of the companies that secured a coveted spot in its 2016 Award Winners Circle (alphabetical order). BMO Mutual Funds, Franklin Templeton Investments, HSBC Invest Direct, RBC Direct Investing.

Dalbar congratulates BMO Mutual Funds and Franklin Templeton Investments for achieving Award Winners Circle status in the Mutual Fund Service program.  Dalbar also recognizes Invesco, Royal Mutual Funds, and TD Investment Services who all performed in the upper quartile in the 2016 syndicated research.

For the Direct Brokerage Service Award, HSBC InvestDirect and RBC Direct Investing both emerged as premier providers in customer service throughout […] Read more

Robo-Advisor Onboarding Experience Client Reviews

What is Robo-Advisor Onboarding Experience Client Reviews?

From an industry that launched in 2012, reported estimates forecast robo-advisors will attract between two and five trillion dollars in assets under management in the US by 2020. How can firms in the traditional and digital advice spaces effectively position themselves to capitalize on this fast moving opportunity?

DALBAR compared the onboarding experience amongst robo-advisors in Canada (and a few in the US) from the unique vantage point of the client. A mystery shop approach was employed to compare the onboarding experience, a critical first point of contact between a firm and its new clients.

What […] Read more

Digital Strategy Exchange

What is the Digital Strategy Exchange?

The Digital Strategy Exchange is a forum created for digital strategy and marketing executives who are responsible for setting goals for developing and delivering digital services.

Held three times per year, the Digital Strategy Exchange brings together forum members for a discussion of the latest innovations and developments in web sites, mobile technology and social media. In coordination with the latest DALBAR research, the meetings enable members to gain a thorough understanding of the latest industry trends as well as gain insight into the best practices that deliver success.

The Digital Strategy Exchange also offers a valuable […] Read more

Social Media Industry Reports


Through social media financial services firms have the opportunity to connect with the public in new and different ways. Dalbar’s Social Media Industry Reports provide firms with industry-leading, comprehensive research and analysis on what firms need to know in order to successfully make this connection using social media. These reports cover everything from FINRA guidelines and best practices with top social media destinations to how firms are creating online identities that resonate with audiences.

Cost of the Reports

Social Media Industry Reports Package for $8,500 (includes the three available reports)

Individual Purchase:

Designing Social Media Pages – UIs for Impact for $3,950
Social Media Websites: […] Read more

Building an Effective Strategy


Social Media is one of the fastest growing phenomena over the past decade and shows no signs of slowing down. Social media is presenting individuals with new ways of sharing and viewing information and is becoming a preferred way of staying connected.

From a firm’s perspective, social media presents new options for connecting with the public, a connection that can be used in a number of relevant ways:

Engage with the audience at large on a personal rather than corporate only level
Create awareness of the firm and its products
Build and strengthen a corporate brand and image
Highlight innovations and major developments
Provide access to […] Read more

Social Media Guide for Financial Services


Not all social media websites are alike but they all bring together a community of users that readily share ideas and information. Financial service firms can leverage these sites, but it begins with creating a social media strategy and not falling prey to a haphazard approach of trial and error. With the “How to Best Navigate Social Media & Strategies for Success” Guide firms will be able to develop clear social media goals that lead to successful social media usage by having a firm understanding of social media in financial services.

What is provided in the Guide?

This guide will provide insight […] Read more

Social Media Strategy Design

What is included in the Social Media Strategy Design?

The Strategy Design service may consist of any of the following key activities:

Where to start with building a successful strategy
Who within the organization should be involved in Social Media and to what extent
How to use Social Media with communication, branding, marketing
How to measure success
What firms are doing right
Development of stakeholder consensus on the goals, scope of the social media initiative
Understanding and interpreting the regulations that impact online communications between a firm and its current and prospective clients
The variables to consider when deploying a social media strategy, including:

Which sites to use
The most effective […] Read more

Social Media Advisory Services

What is included in the Social Media Advisory Services

The Social Media Advisory Services typically can include the following:

DALBAR will play a role as a member of a project team to bring the background and knowledge to the project. In this role, a DALBAR representative is assigned to the project and will attend meetings and participate in the project review process.
DALBAR will mine its existing data and conduct focused research to obtain the necessary answers to support key decisions. Topics may vary from what practices are being used and by whom to methods of complying with specific regulatory challenges and strengths […] Read more

Business Advisory Services

Dalbar’s Business Advisory Services built on 37 years of experience is one of the Nation’s leading independent market strategy and research firm. Our deep understanding of competitor practices, sales effectiveness, client preferences and what it takes to stay ahead has produced measurable results in assisting companies reach their desired goals.

Your success is our success. Business owners use Dalbar to help them stay connected with their most valued clients and prospects. Our efforts deliver robust results that translate into viable action plans.

Services to consider

These service options provide you the business owner the opportunity to leverage a team of […] Read more

Opinion Surveys

What is a Dalbar Survey?

Dalbar surveys evaluate customer perceptions and impressions created by your company that materially affect the long-term health of the business.

What are the Benefits of a Dalbar Survey?

Baseline of customer sentiments is comparable over time.
Strengths and weaknesses in business practices that put the customer relationship at risk are uncovered.
Strikes the optimum balance between accurate quantitative data and meaningful qualitative data.
Results and feedback allow for prioritization of initiatives.
Departments and business units that excel in supporting and solidifying customer relationships can be publically recognized and rewarded.

What does a Dalbar Survey provide?

The most accurate and timely results since feedback is […] Read more