E-Delivery Benchmarks Study


Over the past decade, financial services firms have forged ahead with their continuing efforts to save
billions of dollars by reducing the printing and mailing costs of investor communications.

The exponential explosion of laptops, smart phones and tablets and social media channels has
influenced the habits of the American consumer and changed the landscape of e-Delivery adoption for
the better. Financial services firms are now experiencing e-Delivery adoption levels that were unheard
of at the dawn of the e-Delivery era.

The goal is to continue to maximize savings through electronic delivery of investor communications. This
is also to say, increase the number of clients adopt for e-Delivery. […] Read more

Complacency Is Weakest Cybersecurity Link: Dalbar/ThinkAdvisor Study

Complacency Is Weakest Cybersecurity Link: Dalbar/ThinkAdvisor Study

Despite the increasing fear Americans have of personal and financial information being stolen, most financial-services firms have been complacent on updating or implementing state of the art — or even basic — cybersecurity technology, according to a recent study by Dalbar/ThinkAdvisor, “The State of Authentication in Financial Services.”

The most significant finding of the research is “generally how passive people are about the subject,” says Lou Harvey, president and CEO of Dalbar, a Boston-based independent financial-services market research firm.

“The more we’ve examined, the bigger the shock it is as [cybercrime] keeps growing. Look at the number of incidents,” he explained in an […] Read more