Disclosure Policy

Dalbar invites any and all award and seal recipients to publicize their accomplishments in both internal or external communication pieces as they see fit. However, when preparing any such communication, Dalbar offers the following policy to which it hopes participants will adhere.

  • All public disclosure of your company‚Äôs achievement is to be qualified with the appropriate year in which it was earned.
  • Under no circumstances is a company permitted to publicly disclose the rank or performance of any of its competitors or any other companies evaluated as part of a Dalbar measurement program.

Dalbar implemented this policy to help our clients in preparing statements regarding their achievement to ensure that they are accurate and properly represent the particular research report being disclosed.

Please send us your release before publication so you can be assured of accuracy. If you have any questions regarding our policy for disclosure or how we can best assist you in the preparation of materials, please contact us at 1-800-993-0128 or infocanada@dalbar.ca