Service Quality Measurement

What is the Service Quality Measurement Program?

The Service Quality Measurement (SQM) program is an objective third party evaluation of the quality of service being provided by a call center. Randomly sampled customer interactions are evaluated according to detailed criteria developed over 30 years specifically for the financial services sector. These criteria look at both the intangible aspects and transactional requirements of the customer service experience.

Program participants are provided with industry/audience specific benchmarks as well as the tools to prioritize and improve service delivery. Those firms attaining a high rating over the course of a year receive public recognition in the form of a Dalbar Service Award, the gold standard for financial services call centers.

Service Quality Measurement programs are tailored to:

  • Mutual fund shareholders (PEMFS)
  • Financial Intermediary Service Quality Evaluation (FISQE)
  • Direct Brokerage Sales Effectiveness (DBSE)
  • Call Centre Audit (CCA)
  • Customized Call Centre Training (CCCT)
  • Individual Representative Reporting (IRR)
  • Call Centre Leadership Seminar (CCLS)
  • Tele-banking Service Experience Monitor (TBSEM)

What are the Benefits of SQM participation?

  • An independent, expert third party evaluation of service quality
  • Highlights strengths
  • Identifies weaknesses and details actions for improvement
  • Provides insight on competitor service quality
  • Supports the training and coaching of staff
  • Provides a framework for internal management
  • Provides a basis for incentive compensation for service quality
  • Public recognition for industry leading performers

What does the SQM Program include?

  • A monthly Performance Overview Report including industry rankings
  • A monthly Call Detail Report detailing each interaction evaluated
  • Up to 2 hours of analysis by Dalbar’s Client Service Team each month
  • Recordings of the calls evaluated during that period
  • Participation at Dalbar’s Annual Service Quality Measurement Summit
  • Public recognition in the form of:
    • Dalbar’s Service Award (if specific benchmarks are exceeded)
    • Key Honors Award (if specific benchmarks are met)

What is the Cost to participate?

Participation in the SQM Program varies. Please navigate the left menu for the specific costs associated with each of the programs offered.

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